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Custom Cabinet Wood Types

For a number of reasons, wood remains one of the most popular materials used to make custom cabinets for the kitchen and other parts of the home. These are just some of the benefits of wood cabinets:

  • They are sturdy and heavy-duty, able to support granite countertops or other types of counter surfaces.

  • They are available in a variety of wood options and stains, which gives the home owner a wide range of choices for matching cabinets to the rest of their decor.

  • They will always be in style, and installing quality custom wooden cabinets can increase the resale value of your home.

Installing custom cabinetry is one way to give your home a unique finishing touch. Learn more about the styles and materials we use for custom cabinets.

Granite Encounters offers custom cabinetry in a variety of wood choices. Below, we discuss the benefits of three of the most popular types of wood cabinets we offer:

Oak Custom Cabinets

Oak is known for its distinctive open grain. It is a porous wood, which allows it to absorb stains quite well. Oak custom cabinets are typically available in a wide variety of colours, from lighter, natural and honey shades all the way to darker tones like chestnut. Since oak is a very hard and heavy wood, you will find that your cabinets are especially strong and durable. Oak is typically used for cabinets in kitchens or other areas of the home that have a casual, traditional, rustic or country style of decor.

Maple Custom Cabinetry

Maple has a fine and uniform grain, which gives it a smooth appearance, although there are occasional curly or wavy variations in the grain pattern. Maple is naturally lighter than oak, and you will usually see lighter to medium finishes on this type of wood, but custom maple cabinets can be stained, glazed or painted to suit a wide variety of colour schemes and decor, from traditional to contemporary. This wood is also hard-wearing and strong, making it an excellent candidate for your kitchen remodeling project.

If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen or other rooms in your home, Granite Encounters can provide pricing and estimates for stone countertops or custom cabinets.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are strong and very durable, and can be used to complement many different types of kitchen styles; they have been very popular in Shaker, Mission and Craftsman style kitchens but are also suitable for modern spaces as well as the most traditional. This wood's grains are close and straight, giving your cabinets a smooth feeling and a refined and elegant appearance. Colours range from lighter, creamier shades to darker, richer red and reddish-brown tones. The colour of cherry wood will gradually darken or mellow with age.

Visit Granite Encounters' showroom to view our wide range of custom cabinetry styles, as well as our vast selection of granite and other stone countertops.